Volumes is a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage people to read printed books.


How do we work?

Provide more examples of differently fabricated books, using unique textures, different binding forms, color, and encourage the audience to read and share these books. 

Inform readers of the value of print media and explain how print can still be crucial.

Printed books are accessible for sharing. The reader can browse and share the book's freely with friends and different people.




The Volumes Cool Books Sharing Platform


We provide a platform to encourage people to share printed books with different people and also find some book event information to go to the real place to touch real books.

Connect people to 

touch real books.

The Volumes Event

Encourage the audience to read and share these books.  

A printed book show can give people more information about different book fabrications and designs. People can learn more about the forms of printed books.

The Volumes Issue

Inform readers of the value of print books.

A clear introduction to printed books and info about their irreplaceable value. Useful information about published books, different independent bookstore.

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